Helpful Links


British Lymphology Society / Lymphoedema Support Network – A British site providing links to two different channels of information, one for health professionals and one for the patients’ network. Both have a significant amount of information available.

Lymphedema People – An extensive site written by a parent who has had lymphoedema since childhood. Definitely some interesting, useful tips. Some technical information is presented, but with disclaimer that this is a non-clinical site. Well worth a look.

Also from Lymphedema People is Lymphedema in Children and Children with Lymphedema – A Yahoo! online forum sponsored and monitored by Lymphedema People.

The National Lymphedema Network – An American-based website with numerous links and information. Lymphedema FAQs (tab option at top of website) contains a Questions Corner which is informative. Membership is required to access newsletters.

UK in conjunction with East Kent Lymphoedema Support Group – A nicely put together site with simple, clear explanations about primary and secondary lymphoedema, a message board for patients, and other valuable tips.

Lymphoedema NZ – Lymphoedema Therapists, a nationwide group specialising in the treatment of patients with lymphoedema.

Sponsored by National Health Agencies or Libraries

Health Insite topics on lymphoedema – An Australian government initiative that links to reliable international health information.

Medline Plus – A site sponsored by the US National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health. A very informative site with lots of reliable links.
Click here for Medline Plus links to lymphedema or lymphatic diseases.

Pubmed – Sponsored by the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health, it is one of the largest electronic records of published medical and scientific research.  They have a Help page and excellent animated tutorials to help you get started.


Academy of Lymphatic Studies (ACOLS) – A USA-based private training establishment.  Of special interest is their video page featuring a documentary about a solo mum with lymphoedema who was treated at ACOLS.  They discuss lymphatic drainage, massage therapy and compression bandaging. The documentary first aired on The Discovery Channel and Learning Channel in January 2008.